When Should You Replace Your Sewer Line?

If there are persistent drain problems in your house then there is a possibility of a bigger sewer problem which may be hiding underground.

Sometimes it is possible to repair the clog or any other sewer line problem by simply cleaning the drain and with regular maintenance. However, there will be a point when all these methods will not solve the problem.

In such case, sewer lines or sewer laterals may need repairing or total replacement. How will you know that it is time for replacing your home’s sewer line or the sewer lateral with new pipe?

Following are few red flags for sewer replacement.

  • Old pipes

Old sewage pipes may tend to fail too frequently. If you are not sure how old the pipes are, then consider the age of the house. Any house that was built more than 50 years ago will more likely need replacement of sewer line.

  • Long-term problems

If plumbing problems are present for many years then there will often be enough damage that require sewer line replacement.

However, if you have relatively new pipes and your problems have not been happening for too long, then you have to simply unclog all the pipes and then with regular maintenance keep it healthy.

  • Water fixture malfunction

In case in toilets or sinks, water is regularly backing up, or there is water pooling in the basement drains, then this is a sign of main line clogging.

Take a special notice in case water from one of your fixtures may be backing up from somewhere else on the same floor level.

  • Persistent clogs

Clogged sink drains and overflowing toilets can be caused due to blockages from few common products e.g. toilet paper, paper towels or any feminine hygiene products.

In case clogs keep happening in spite of your not flushing any wrong things in the drain, then this can be a sign of much bigger problems in the sewer line.

  • Big trees

Usually roots can be a leading cause of damaging pipe. If any big old trees are around your property or also just in the neighbor’s property, the huge root systems may encroach on the sewage system.

Tree roots can extend much beyond which is not visible above the ground.

  • Strange sounds

When the plumbing work is going on, do you hear certain bubbly, gurgling sounds which is similar to what you hear when drip coffee pot usually runs out of sufficient water or do you see air bubbles in the toilet bowl while flushing?

This can be a warning of clog in the sewer lines.

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