Four Pointers to Keep in Mind when Installing Wood Fences

Fence installation does not always require a professional to get the job done. But, more complicated fencing such as mixed material and hardwood fences must involve a professional contractor. If you have a predetermined plan, the right materials, and the right tools, you may be able to install fences yourself. But, it is important to learn about the process before you get started. The material you want o use, your fence’s size, as well as your personal style and preference dictate your fence installation plan. When installing fire resistant lumber, pressure-treated wood, or other wood fences, keep the following in mind:

Give your Fence Posts an Extended Life

If your fence posts are exposed to water for a long period of time, it will rot even if they are pressure-treated. That is why consider sprinkling gravel at post holes’ bottom to make a natural filtration system that helps in draining water away from the posts.  Also, sealing the posts with an asphalt emulsion dip can prolong their life by years. The emulsion combines asphalt, an emulsifying agent, and water to make a protective layer on top of the wood which seals off its pores from insects and moisture.

Use Three Trails

Although the number of rails needed to come up with a structurally sound fence can vary depending on the materials and length, the best practice for a six-foot fence is using three rails. Keep in mind that while fewer rails can provide you with a better view, you want to prioritize stability.

Use Quality Hardware

Using cheap hardware to cut costs will leave you spending more money on your fence in the long run since you need to replace them every few years. Make sure you use either stainless steel fence or galvanized hardware which protects from the fence from rust and stress-induced failure. Also, galvanized and stainless steel fence hardware will protect the fence from staining which takes place when the wood’s tannins mix with metal.

Stain the Wood

Staining the wood on your fence will let you extend the life of the wood, create the shade and tone you want, as well as give your fence a fresh look. But, you can also paint your fence. As with stain, it will seal off and protect the wood. Also, you can choose from a variety of colors so that you can match the fence to any part of your house.

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