The Loft Ladder Buying Guide You Need

A loft or attic us a perfect place where you can store your things that you no longer to use them in every day although you will need to be able to access the place easily. However, you need therefore to use fitted and extendable loft ladder that will fold and be stored easily out of your way in the house. It is therefore essential to following the guide while buying a loft ladder:

How to choose a loft ladder

If you are wishing to access your attic easily, then having a wooden folding loft ladder is invaluable furniture that you can need. However, most of these ladders are made from aluminum or wood and therefore available in either concertina or fold and slide designs.

On the other hand, you need to purchase one with the correct height. So, while taking the measurements, you will have to measure starting from the floor to the top of the roof joints. You will find that some of the loft ladders are even 3m long. Moreover, it is essential to also measure the dimensions of the loft hatch because you will be requiring that information.

It doesn’t matter the type of ladder you will need but you have to hinge to the loft hatch and be easy to release easily after opening the hatch. Besides, some of the loft ladder will be having handrail that assist in making awkward process of you climbing into the loft easily.

So, if you will be choosing a loft ladder, you can choose one that has specifications of fitting the size of the loft hatch. Besides, don’t forget to put into account the pivoting height that you will require inside the loft. In most cases, it is usually 1.1m above your loft floor and therefore needed to choose enough space.

Concertina ladders

When buying an attic or loft ladder, you might therefore consider buying this type. It is an essential type of loft ladder that will work similarly to sliding loft ladders. However, the other benefit of using concertina loft ladders is that they will require less vertical and less horizontal clearances in the loft.

If you have a small home, then choosing concertina ladder will become ideal type that you need. However, it is also suitable in places where ceiling height is limited. The other characteristic about concertina ladders is that they are released with help of special pole like fold and slide ladders

Fold and slide ladders

Fold and slide ladder is another type that you can use to access your loft. It plays the same role as concertina ladder although it has some features that are different.

Among the many reasons that most people prefer using this type of ladder is that it’s simple to install or use. The ladder comes in two or more sections having spring locking catches that hold them in a closed or extended way position. Moreover, you will find that some fold and slide ladders come together with sprung power pivot arm. It is essential because it will prevent dropping down and therefore becoming easy to lift into your roof.

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