Methods of Transporting Goods Over Long Distances

When it comes to moving product from one place to another there are many modes of transportation to choose from. The best method for you and your merchandise depends on what you are shipping and how far, as well as if it is to a rural or urban location. It is important planning to ship things long distances that you research all of the options before making any decisions on what mode to choose.

For some companies using only one method of transport is possible when the load is not going very far or into harder to reach markets. For others, however, it is necessary to use multiple kinds of shipping methods. For more complicated overseas shipments, companies with transloading abilities can make the whole process much smoother. But make sure you get to know all of the possibilities before opting for one.

  1. Road

Throughout the world roads have opened up more and more communities to products from all over the place including overseas markets. Governments spend significant amounts of money building and maintaining highway systems making it a great method of shipping merchandise and personal items for both short and long distances. There are pros and cons to this kind of method so keep these in mind.

  • Opening up more rural and hard to reach markets for the delivery of consumer goods
  • Road travel is more affected by weather systems and traffic congestion
  • Trucking freight is a good and timely way to move perishable goods
  • It is a very efficient as well as cost effective mode of transport
  • Trucking offers flexibility to businesses because roads span great distances
  1. Rail

Using trains for the transportation of goods has been around for hundreds of years. With the extensive nature of roads and the flexibility of trucking it has become less popular however it is still an effective and efficient option for many businesses operating today. Trains offer another great option when it comes to moving product long distances and though it may be limited in some ways it has many benefits.

  • Product travelling by train is less likely to be affected by weather conditions
  • It is one of the greener choices when compared to air or highway travel
  • Rail is one of the safer ways to ship goods long distances without any real concerns
  • Trains are limited to travelling on tracks so it may be harder to reach certain markets.
  • Is considered to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to transport good
  1. Air

Though using planes to move product does have its own set of limitations it has grown in popularity as one of the key modes of transport in the shipment of goods in both domestic and international markets. For businesses sending perishable or time-sensitive products to far away delivery destinations it is the perfect fit. It is much quicker than ocean freight and there are many more airports than ports available for access.

  • Using airplanes is the quickest methods to send goods across an ocean or country
  • Unfortunately for bulky, heavy and restricted items the air is not a viable option
  • Airport security means merchandise is monitored more closely and is more secure
  • Cargo is less likely to be damaged when compared to modes like ocean freight
  • Time-sensitive and perishable products are delivered quickly ensuring freshness
  1. Water

Ocean freight is one of the most extensively used and most popular ways of transporting goods over long distances to overseas markets. Commodities that are bulky, heavy or restricted for air travel or do not need to be delivered in a time-sensitive manner are perfect for transport by cargo ship. There are port cities all over the world sending and receiving items from foreign markets.

  • Using ships to transport items is one of the most economical methods available
  • There are extensive shipping lanes allowing businesses to reach numerous markets
  • Ocean freight has a much longer transit time than air transport
  • Is considered one of the greener choices for moving product long distances
  • Freight passes through many hands so it is more likely to get lost or damaged
  1. Multimodal

For many businesses using only one mode of transport is not a viable option and being able to access multiple methods means markets whether urban or rural can be reached with relative ease. Companies offering transloading services makes this a less complicated endeavour so shipping can be done in a stress-free manner. Using multimodal transportation means door-to-door delivery is possible opening up regions for both owners and customers.

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