Best Bathtub Designs for a Stylish Bathroom

Bathrooms are an integral part of any home where we spend our most time thinking and coming up with genius ideas. However, most of the people usually neglect its importance by missing out on its decor. Have you ever thought that you can spend some time relaxing in your bathroom? No right! But guess what, now you can, thanks to the lavish yet affordable bathtub designs.

You don’t need to take up a spa session for unwinding anymore. You can enjoy a bubbly warm water bath right at the comfort of your home. The best part about having a bathtub is that you don’t need to have a spacious or luxurious bathroom. You can create a stylish bathroom decor even with the most reasonable bathtub designs. All you need is some creativity and a knack for interiors. You can then beautify even the simplest of bathrooms with a touch of style by adding a bathtub, vanity, and more.

Following are some of the best designs that will make you want to own a bathtub:

Emotion Bathtub with Jacuzzi by HomeTown

This bathtub is perfect for hydrotherapy as it comes with four big body jets and four small body jets. The flexible hand shower lets you enjoy a relaxing hot water bath as per convenience. You can lie down comfortably by placing your head on the headrest. The thermostat lets you regulate and choose the desired temperature, so you don’t have to worry about jumping out of the tub when the water gets too hot.

Madonna Rex Acrylic Bathtub with Filler System

Simple yet elegant, this bathtub is sure to adorn the look of your bathroom. It is a freestanding bathtub that comes along with a front and a side panel. You can lie down comfortably, thanks to the convenient headrest. The pop-up waste with overflow set lets easy drainage. Moreover, it has a waterfall filler system for the water inlet and a flexible hand shower. There are various color options and a reverse model with a filler system on the reverse side available.

Be Unique Family Lounge Pool Drop-in Bathtub

Who said bathtubs could only be placed in bathrooms? A bathtub cum family lounge pool deserves to be placed in an open area like lawn or terrace. It is a round-shaped, walk-in pool that has a central drain. It is made of porcelain, making it durable and scratch-resistant.

High Bath Tub by HomeTown

This round-shaped double-seater bathtub is apt for smaller bathrooms and can easily fit in any corner. It features air bath therapy, four big body jets and small body jets for hydrotherapy. You can relax in your bubbly warm water bath while listening to music, thanks to the digital control of FM radio, control pump, and light. Moreover, it also features a flexible hand shower and two comfortable headrests. You can also adjust the temperature with the easy-to-operate thermostat.

Madonna Intimate Acrylic Bath Tub with Jacuzzi and Back Massager System

Made with acrylic, this Madonna bathtub comes with a Jacuzzi. It features 1.5 hp whirlpool massage (Jacuzzi) nozzles and six centrifugal massage nozzles. These nozzles help you with a relieving back massage. The bubbly water helps soothe your body while relaxing the nerves. You can enjoy a bath before ending your day so that you can have a sound and peaceful sleep. The comfortable headrest and footrest provide your body with a relaxing position.

Briny Bathtub with Jacuzzi by HomeTown

This compact bathtub is just right for any small bathroom. It comes with a hydrotherapy mechanism offered by six big body jets. You can listen to music and create a soothing ambiance with dim light, thanks to the digital control for FM radio, control pump, and light. It also features a flexible hand shower so that you don’t have to get up from the bathtub to rinse out the soap. The adjustable thermostat makes it easier to control the water temperature while you are resting inside the bathtub. The pop-up waste drain makes letting the bathwater out easy and hassle-free. Moreover, the comfortable headrest enables you to relax for an extended period without straining your neck.

These bathtub designs are not only lavish visually but also affordable. They will fit in your bathroom perfectly while adding style to it. Your guests will be astonished to see the new addition to your bathroom. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the best bathtub and transform your dull bathroom into a luxurious one.

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