Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

If you speak to a dermatologist, he or she will tell you that a shower supports skincare better than taking a bath. Sure, you can luxuriate in a tub with petals or bubbles, but that does not mean your skin will be softer or healthier. Something plain and simple, such as a shower, may be a better skin care solution

Therefore, turning your bathroom into a shower room in Richmond is a good home improvement to make. However, that does not mean you need to ignore the benefits of bathing in a tub. According to medical specialists who take care of skin conditions, such as eczema, adding oats to the water in a tub is a good way to heal the condition.

When it Comes to Showers – Less Is More

If you don’t suffer from this type of skin condition, a shower may be better. A shower exposes the skin to less water. Too much water can strip oils from the skin. In turn, the skin can become irritated or inflamed. When you use less water, too, you save money on your utilities, including heating the water supply.

A Relaxing Escape

Whether you are a shower person or bath lover, you should always moisturise after taking a shower or bath. Make it a habit and part of your regular skincare routine. Today, you can turn your current bathroom into a spa by creating a walk-in shower or wet room. This type of upgrade is always well received by homeowners, as it creates a luxurious spa-like environment – one where you can shower and relax.

Tanking – How it Is Used

When this type of renovation is made, a process called tanking is used. This process will fully protect the completed wet room. The floor and walls are treated with a tanking system and a fiberglass resin before tiles are applied. The tiles and the aforementioned methods prevent water from seeping into other living areas of the house.

Keeping Things Dry Outside the Wet Room or Shower

When this type of upgrade is used, the wet room essentially becomes a type of waterproof box – one that usually does not need a shower screen. If you have a walk-in shower installed, you should add the screen, as well as a tray. Tilling may only be needed to around 20 centimetres above the shower head. Work with a company that endeavours to prevent water seepage in its wet room installations, as well as its built-in shower designs.

Add Water-Saving Fixtures

This is a good time to upgrade your bathroom and add a walk-in shower or wet room. You can include taps with sensors and rain-flow shower heads that will help you conserve water. By making this move, you will upgrade your lifestyle and add value to your real estate. Of all the home improvements you may make, upgrading a bathroom is one of the better investments.

If you would like to know more about this type of upgrade, contact a company that specialises in luxury wet room and walk-in shower installations. You don’t need to visit a resort to enjoy spa-type living. You can savour this amenity within in your own living space.

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