Stairlifts with a Sleek Profile

Stratford-Upon-Avon is a province filled with rich history. People have settled here as early as the seventh century. In previous times, homes were not built to be as grand as we now seek them to be.

This focus on functionality led to many homes being constructed with slim hallways and narrow staircases. Dwellings meant for one person or a small family may also be subject to this.

If you’re looking for slimline stairlifts in Stratford-Upon-Avon, you can be assured that there are options available to you.

Narrow Stairs

Having a narrow staircase may seem like it won’t allow for a stairlift. However, many companies have designed stairlifts that have a sleek profile, allowing passersby to still get around the stairlift.

There are also stairlifts that can be put away after use. Some require the user to fold the stairlift up and stow it away into the wall. Others are automatic. These automatic stairlifts retract once the user is out of the seat, folding away to make room on the stairs.

Narrow Passageways

Maybe you’re not worried about the space taken up on the stairs, but your stairs empty into a narrow hallway or there isn’t much of a landing. Worry not, there are stairlifts available with seats that can be left in different positions. Chairs that fold up after use are a great option when you don’t want them taking up space on your landing.

Some seats are even equipped with mechanical swivels that will turn their user after their journey is complete. This will put you in the perfect position to step forward into the world, instead of into a wall.

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