Helping You Meet Pool Requirements

Do you have a pool or spa? Do you own a resort or hotel with a pool? If you’re in Australia, then you know that laws regarding pools and spas have changed a few times over the years, and it can be confusing to make sure that you’re up to compliance. Fortunately, there are many companies available to help you understand those rules and discern if you are meeting them.

Pool safety inspections are not just about getting certificates, though that is also an important requirement in owning a pool, but they are also about understanding how to keep your pool or spa safe. Regulations are there to make sure that children and pets, the most vulnerable of the population, remain safe even when you look away for a moment. Ensuring security of residents and visitors is the top priority of these inspection companies and their experienced technicians.

Safety Requirements for Pools in Sydney

There are some standard requirements you should be prepared for before pool certifiers in Sydney come to inspect your pool. They include:

  • You must have a pool fence, and the fence must have no large vertical gaps as well as be in good condition.
  • Your pool gate must be at a minimum height of 1200mm and be capable of self-closing and self-latching from any open position as well as be outward opening.
  • Make sure that nothing is within 1200mm of your pool barrier that could be climbed on to reach the pool area.
  • Place a CPR sign that is legible and in good condition inside the pool’s enclosure.
  • Make sure that all hazards and non-pool items are outside the pool enclosure, such as BBQs, clotheslines, and other items for entertainment.
  • Look out for vegetation in clear zones around the pool barriers. Make sure that nothing offers foot and handholds for climbing onto or over the pool fence. The depth of the clear zone depends on the standard applicable and where the plants are growing, but ranges from 300mm to 900mm.

When and Why You Need a Certificate for Your Pool

Any time that you move into or out of a home or business you own that has a pool or spa, you must provide a certificate that these items have passed inspection. However, the Australian government is allowed to make random checks of properties with a pool on site, meaning that violations could be given at any time. So, the best time to be ready is now.

Pool certifier companies are not just there to make sure that you can prove you have the necessary paperwork stating you own a safe pool or spa but also to make sure that you don’t end up with these hefty fines or an injury that is at the very least leaving you liable.

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