Finding the Right Iron Patio Doors for Your Home in Aurora, Colorado

When it comes to choosing a new style of patio doors, you’re spoiled for choice. But how do you find the ones that are right for you? Read on to find out.

Patio doors come in a wide variety of styles suited to a broad palette of tastes, preferences, and aesthetic inclinations. When choosing patio doors, it makes sense to select one that complements your home’s architectural style and interior design, considering patio doors connect both indoor and outdoor living spaces. Above all, it’s great to pick a style that suits your lifestyle, something that not only looks gorgeous but also makes sense practically.

With that in mind, there are several factors to consider when picking new patio doors to buy. You need to account for the amount of space available in the area, the material of the doors (in my experience, steel and iron doors work best for patio doors), the type of glass, and so on and so forth.

We’ve dedicated this piece to detailing the specifics of various styles of patio doors. By getting a better understanding of what distinguishes one from the others, you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision than you would going into the whole process blind.

So, here’s a detailed guide on how to find the right iron patio doors for your home. Take a look.

Hinged Patio Doors

The ease-of-use, elegance, and efficiency make hinged patio doors a classic choice. The door panels, which are typically made from glass, swing in or out, depending on which way you want them to. If convenience is what you’re looking for as a homeowner, hinged patio doors offer a very effective and simple solution.

With hinged patio doors, you can go for a single door or have a pair installed. Opting for the latter means you get to widen the opening to your patio or deck, which is always a plus. However, your decision will inevitably come down to the amount of wall space you can work with. If the area is frequented by many people—think kids and pets barreling out the door every chance they get—then it makes sense to go for a wider opening with a pair of patio doors. The decision really comes down to you.

That said, the variety of style choices is what makes hinged patio doors stand out. Whether your home’s design embraces a more contemporary and minimalistic aesthetic or a more traditional and vintage one, you will be able to find a hinged patio door to your liking.

French Patio Doors


If chic and timeless elegance is what you’re looking for in your new patio doors, then French patio doors come second to none. French patio doors are essentially a subset of hinged patio doors but immensely popular for their style and functionality. Double French patio doors create

an iconic entryway whether you’re going outside or coming back inside your home. What’s great is that their large glass panels ensure your living space gets a ton of sunlight.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

If swinging your doors open doesn’t appeal to you because you’re short on space or you just don’t like the way it looks, then sliding patio doors are more than ideal. They consist of two large panels that are primarily made of glass. As the name suggests, to open or close sliding patio doors, you have to slide one panel horizontally. So, because the panels aren’t swinging in or out, you save on floor space. If you’ve been thinking about keeping your favorite piece of furniture nearby the doors, you won’t have to worry about it blocking the door when they’re being opened.

One of the major plus points of sliding patio doors is that they are a fantastic source of natural light. Their thin frames make them ideal for installing large glass panels, allowing lots of sunlight into your home. More sunlight in your home means you use your light fixtures less, helping you save on energy costs. If you want to manage the amount of light coming in through the glass panels, you can simply place blinds or curtains.

When it comes to modern home design, sliding patio doors are something of a mainstay. Their slim, sleek design with large glass panels makes them ideal for a minimalist aesthetic.

Bi-fold/Accordion Doors

No door style sets a scene better than bi-fold/accordion doors. They turn any plain wall into a stunning and majestic grand opening. Bi-fold/accordion patio doors consist of panels that open and close along a single, horizontal track, folding and stacking together. They can be customized with passage doors that make it easy to walk in without opening up the whole space.

About the Author

Kathy Dern is an interior designer and contributor for Pinky’s Iron Doors, a high-end manufacturer of steel and iron doors in the US. Visit their website for more information about their products.

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