Factors to Consider to Determine the Regularity of Cleaning your Gutters

If you are like most homeowners, you may be wondering how often you should clean your gutters. But, gutters should be professionally cleaned at least once every year to maintain their function and strength. If you are in a climate which tends to get plenty of snow and rain, cleaning the gutters might need to be done more often than once a year. To determine the frequency of cleaning your gutters, you need to keep in mind certain factors.

The Condition of your Home

External factors like weather and your home’s location will usually determine how often you should clean your gutters. In case your home is located in a sunny part, the chances of your gutters clogging up with debris are quite low. But, if you live in an area near any trees which lose their leaves, frequent gutter cleaning Bristol might be necessary. Also, frequent cleaning is necessary for homes located near foliage which gets trapped in and clogs the gutters on a regular basis. In humid climates, this home situation can encourage the growth of mold in gutters. Regular deep cleaning is important for homes exposed to snowfall during the colder months to prevent water from logging and damaging the roof.

The Possible Effects of Not Cleaning the Gutters

Heavy rainfall during fall can cause the leaves to congest the gutters, preventing them from doing their job which is to move water off the roof and away from your home. When rainfall pools on the roof, the latter could sag and crack. In fact, water can spill off the roof and damage the siding of a structure.

Consequences can become more serious during the colder months. A dysfunctional gutter can cause snow and ice melt to get stuck, which can eventually lead to leaks. Indeed, when the melts seep underneath the shingles, your roof will get damaged. Depending on a cold snap’s overall length, and the amount of snowfall, it could be important to clean the gutters as often as necessary.

When your home experiences a lot of seasons every year, it is generally best to clean the gutters once every season. When the amount of rain and snow is significant, you will usually find it essential to increase the regularity of cleaning your gutters. Although you will have to spend money upfront on gutter cleaning services, this investment will mean the life of your home and the safety of your family.

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