Everything Homeowner’s Must Know About Concrete Raising

Concrete slabs may settle owing to a number of reasons. More often than not, soil conditions are responsible for the damage, while in some cases, the concrete may settle because the soil wasn’t compacted adequately before the slabs were built. Presence of too many tree roots and unexpected soil erosion can be other causes. In simple words, concrete raising is the process is repairing sunken concrete. In case you are looking for a service for concrete raising Houston, there are a few aspects to consider. In this post, we are discussing everything that businesses need to know about the process and options.

The role stamped concrete contractors is to ensure that the construction project is completed on time and within budget. They also have to make sure that they are providing a high-quality product to their clients.

Types of concrete raising

Once the concrete slabs have settled, it is absolutely important to get the repairs done, because the damage can be extensive, if ignored. There are two very basic ways of concrete raising – polyurethane foam raising and mud-jacking.

  • In case of polyurethane foam, a special kind of foam material is injected under the slab, and the material expands underneath the sunken slab, causing it to rise. In this case, small holes are drilled into the slab and the foam material is injected as required.
  • The second option is slab jacking, also called mud-jacking. This is one of the oldest methods of concrete raising and involves using a mixture of water and cement underneath the concrete to raise the slab. The process requires hydraulic pressure.

Finding a service

If you are looking for concrete raising, you have to find a company that can offer both options. The costs are typically not covered under insurance and are dependent on the overall damage. For example, raising a small slab of concrete in your backyard will require a lot less money than a big public pavement. It is important to call a concrete raising company and ask their opinion for the repairs. They can offer an estimate in advance, and you can always discuss the costs before taking the final call.

Should you consider polyurethane foam concrete raising?

We are talking of a foam material, which doesn’t cause any extra pressure on the soil underneath, and that advantage makes its ideal for almost most concrete raising requirements. Also, the holes required for the process are smaller than that of mud-jacking, which makes a difference to the aesthetics if not other things. That said, mud-jacking is the traditional means of concrete raising, and it remains in demand because the costs are lower.

Talk to a reliable service and find what may work for your home!

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