Which kind of kitchen cabinet is right – modern, traditional or transitional?

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? If yes, you need to check out various styles of the kitchen along with kitchen cabinets which match with your décor. This is where you spend most of the time while preparing meals. Kitchen cabinets Toronto has outlined three varieties wherein you can select the best one. Let us check out them.

Modern Kitchens

If you are interested in a contemporary option, modern kitchens the right choice. According to kitchen cabinets, Toronto, modern style kitchens have designs which were earlier evolved during World War 1 such as geometric designs. However, now the addition is made with some bold patterns which include:

  • Giving importance to horizontal lines
  • Hardware with simple look and sleek finish
  • Utilizing Natural materials such as exotic wood
  • Minimalist design
  • Lack of too much show-off or ornamentation
  • Consistent designs and elements

You can choose this option wherein there are small kitchens. But you can transform it into large spaces too.

Traditional Kitchens

In comparison to modern kitchen style, traditional kitchens include ornamental elements. It is the best option to impress your guest with some formal look.

These have designs which are timeless and full of elegance. For example, you can find cabinet accessories such as posts or crown molding. You cannot find such elements in modern kitchen style. Apart from that, the elements available in this form are:

  • Natural flooring – for example, wood cabinets having granite countertops, also to match the décor wooden flooring is used
  • Lightning is shiny or decorative
  • Classic color palette
  • Lavish details to give a classy look
  • Vintage panel cabinets
  • Use of decorative accessories
  • Cabinets with antique finish and glaze – one can go for white cabinets with a walnut gaze
  • Simple backsplash rather than colorful ones

If you want to such classic elements while doing kitchen remodeling, traditional kitchen style is the appropriate choice. You get a wide variety of architectural features.

Transitional Kitchens

As the name suggests, the transitional kitchen is a mixture of modern kitchen and traditional kitchen. It gives you the best of both the worlds. There are clean lines of modern style kitchen and even luxurious look of traditional style. The best part is you can decide how you want to blend both the style. This way you can present the fresh look of your kitchen.

It consists of elements like:

  • Natural as well as manufactured materials
  • Textures to give the effective visual appearance
  • Lightning is ornamental or modern
  • Neutral Palette
  • Minimalist cabinetry

Hence, in this style, all you are doing is merging the old with the new. Also, to give a trendy look you are even adding some playful elements to the design.

This option is suitable for any kind of home or kitchen space. You can even mix the materials from different eras such as mixing corbels and moldings.

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