How to Outdoor Wood Boilers Work and How are they Different from Indoor Boilers?

Residential wood boilers are kept outside and away from homes and they burn wood to keep your home and other structures warm. Outdoor wood boiler are the best way to stay work without depending on fossil fuels.

Working of outdoor wood boilers

An outdoor home furnace, unlike the indoor one, is installed 90 to 200 feet away from your home. You can also place them 500 feet away. The fire pit of that furnace is surrounded by a sealed water containment systems which is further heated around 185 to 200 degrees. Then the hot water is pumped into homes through insulated pipes which are buried underground. This water is then run via a domestic hot water heat exchanger and then to your current heat exchanger that helps in distributing the heat in your entire home. A residential wood boiler can also heat swimming pool, domestic water supply, garages, and a lot more.

Difference between outdoor and indoor furnace

When it comes to wood furnaces, people perceive it as a big and bulky cast iron stove. The outdoor wood boiler is a natural progression of its predecessor, indoor stove. For newbies, indoor wood stoves may cause harmful air pollution which are dangerous for households. They also emit a strong odor that some may find good, but it worsens by time. Eventually, indoor wood stoves are dangerous too because of potential fire risks. An outdoor wood boiler is kept away from your home, emits no smell as it uses hot water to heat your home and is efficient as well. You also don’t have to invest in special wood and can be burnt in any way you want. But the cons here are that it may emit a lot of smoke which can pose a problem in suburban places. They can also cause easy wear and tear and rust with time too. The best part here is that it can be avoided by investing a little in a good quality outdoor wood boiler that can control smoke.

It can be tough to shop for outdoor wood furnaces, particularly if you don’t know what to look for. There are so many varieties available, so always ask people and do your due diligence by checking online forums for more hints. Seeking a trusted boiler manufacturer can come in handy too.

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