Why a Rebuild Could Be the Answer to your Space Problems

When we first moved into our current homes, we were more than happy with the shape and the size. At that time, it had just the right amount of space for ourselves and our partner. However, life moves on, and children are added to the family. The home that you once thought was big enough for your means, is now too small to cater for the needs of a larger family. Your teenagers are going crazy, because they can’t have their own room, and you and the wife, are going nuts, because you have to queue outside your own bathroom, just to get in, in the morning.

Consider the alternatives.

This is a situation that cannot go on, and so we start to think about alternative ways to create more space in our current property. One idea, is to do a renovation, and another, is to do a total rebuild. For those of you who think that a rebuild is a more expensive option, you could never be more wrong, because knock down rebuild prices in Canberra, have fallen dramatically in the last number of years. A rebuild is definitely the right option, and here are some reasons why.

  • It’s cheaper – Renovations can be very complicated matters, and construction issues might arise that you didn’t think about before. A renovation is also very time consuming, as you have to work around current structures that are currently in place. You might want to change just one part of your house, and this can lead to numerous complications. 
  • You don’t have to move – Nobody wants to have to move from an area that they love. All the right schools are right there, and it’s where your job is located. A knock down rebuild, is the perfect answer, because you get to build a new home, but you also get to stay in the area that is right for you and your family.

A knock down rebuild, gives you the perfect chance to design the home that you have always wanted, but have never been able to find. It provides a fresh start for everyone, and everyone gets to participate in the building decisions. With the addition of extra glass, and better insulation, your home will not only look fantastic, but it will be very environmentally friendly as well. You get to save on utility bills because you are using much less energy.

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