Understanding Why your Garage Floor is Sweating

A sweating garage floor can create a slippery surface and make your garage damp. That is why you want to know why this happens, especially in the spring. Keep reading to know what makes your garage floor sweat and what you can do stop it.

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Reasons for Garage Floor Sweating

Before planning for concrete floor repair calgary to stop floor sweating, you must understand what causes it. Your garage floor might be sweating because of two reasons. First, it might be because of condensation. When warm, moist air comes in contact with a very cool concrete slab, the concrete’s cold temperature will cause the moist air to cool. When the air cools at or below the dew point, it will start to condense on the concrete’s surface, making your garage floor wet.

In general, a wet garage floor takes on a darker look because of the moisture and can even suffer from efflorescence.  This takes place when the absorbed moisture travels back up to the surface and evaporates. Upon evaporation, it leaves behind white mineral deposits on the surface.

Moreover, moisture that travels up from under the slab is another condition that can make your garage floor wet. This usually occurs if there is no moisture barrier beneath the concrete. While concrete is dense and hard, it has small capillaries within which act like a sponge. In case the ground beneath the concrete is wet, moisture will be absorbed and distributed through the concrete.

Testing for a Sweating Garage Floor

If you are wondering whether you have a moisture problem from below the slab or sweating garage floor, you need to test for it. For this, you will need to tape a 16” square piece of heavy plastic down to your concrete when dry. Seal all the edges. Leave the tape in place until the concrete shows signs of being wet.

The plastic away and check the concrete. In case the concrete under the plastic is dry and the surrounding surface is wet, this means your garage floor is sweating. But, when the plastic’s underside is wet and the surrounding surface of the concrete is mostly dry, this indicates a moisture issue from below your slab.

Stopping Garage Floor Sweating

The job to sweat a garage from sweating includes the physics of condensation you are trying to prevent. Applying a garage floor coating calgary or seal is not enough to stop your garage from sweating. The garage floor’s surface will still get wet since it is cooler than the dew point. When the air that comes into contact with the concrete has settled, you can expect to condense even if there is a coating or sealer.

To effectively stop your garage from sweating, you have to eliminate the conditions that make your floor sweat to start with. You can do this by reducing the dampness or air humidity, changing the surface of your garage floor, increasing air temperature of the garage, increasing air circulation across the garage floor, or keeping the door and windows closed and sealed.

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