Top Tips For Decorating Your Living Room

The living room is where your family and guests spend their time. Thus, when it comes to decorating your house, we often find ourselves beginning in the living room. However, putting pieces together to create a harmonious look can be daunting and overwhelming. If you have decorated before, you will attest that it is more involved than what the home improvement channel makes it out to be. It isn’t as easy as buying tables, sofas and daybeds. A lot of thought and planning is required. Here are a few essential tips to make decorating your living space easy and fun.

How To Decorate Your Living Room

  1. Come up with a plan

Before you rush to buy random paintings for the walls, it is essential to first come up with a plan. Visit websites and peruse home decor magazines to familiarize yourself with the latest and upcoming trends. Your living room is where you host most activities, whether it’s a family movie night or parties.

Keep your lifestyle into account. Design a layout and furniture plan to get a feel of how the room will look like. Consider the design and size of the room to determine where you will place the furniture and decor. Having a plan in hand helps you not only select the right furniture, but also the type of accessories that will complement the room.

  1. Pick a color palette

Regardless of whether you are monochromatic or prefer to play with color, the scheme you choose defines the aesthetic result of the room. For instance, for a somewhat subtle look, you can begin with a base of neutral colors like grays, whites, and blacks. Build onto this monotony by adding colorful pieces such as throw pillows and rugs to keep the look harmonious.

However, do not get too carried away with incorporating colors into your scheme as this gives an uncoordinated and busy look. If you paint your walls dark, have fun with brighter furniture. And if you prefer white walls to brighten up the space, consider hanging eye-catching artwork to make the room inviting.

  1. Consider the lighting

The lighting in the living room is a very important aspect. The ambient, task, and accent help you determine where you will place the light sources. Wall sconces, downlights, and overhead chandeliers are an age-old trend that works with almost all spaces. Be sure to fully utilize any sources of natural light to make the room more open.

  1. Add personality

Whether your style is traditional, modern, bold, or subdued, your living room decor should reflect your personality and style. Opt for accessories that tell a relatable story while adding pizzazz to the room. After all, your living room should be an outward expression of you and the people you love.

Last Tip

No matter how small or large your living room space, there are hundreds of smart styling solutions you can apply. It does not take much to turn your living room into a cozy oasis for you and your family, or a comfortable haven for your guests to relax in.


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