Things to do Around Chonburi

Chonburi is mostly known for its most popular city, Pattaya. Apart from Chonburi’s biggest party-town, there are some awesome places to live that don’t mean you have to be up every night drinking.

Let’s have a look at some of the other popular places to live and visit around Chonburi province.

  • Bang Saen’s Monkey Mountain is a must-see for anyone visiting Chonburi province. The mountain is accessible by car or motorcycle and its main attraction is the temple and shrine complex where the monkeys were originally attracted to in days gone by. As you walk up the mountain, you pass a number of traditional Buddhist shrines. Incense fills the air and monks can be seen praying and reciting Buddhist scripture inside the picturesque temples.

The monkeys are everywhere. Everywhere. Tourists should be careful of their belongings as the monkey’s will grab at anything and everything in a never-ending attempt to get food. Hawkers on the side of the road sell food to the tourists and Thais, who offer it to the monkey’s as a way of buying Buddhist merit. Do be careful of the monkey’s and do not tease them with food or drink as they can get very aggressive very quickly, especially mothers carrying babies. Monkey Mountain is an interesting day out if you are in Bang Saen or driving from Bangkok to Pattaya.

  • Koh Chang, although not in Chonburi province, is one of the main attractions of the entire eastern seaboard of Thailand and a must-visit place for anyone wanting to visit or live in Chonburi or the surrounding provinces. For example, a house project in Chonburi, Amata (known as โครงการบ้านชลบุรี อมตะ in Thai) could be a great way to have a base to explore the area. Koh Chang offers visitors miles of beautiful white sandy beaches, with some of the most spectacular backdrops in Thailand. Lolling in the turquoise shallows of white Sand beach and taking in the mountain views whilst sipping on a cocktail in a coconut is heaven on earth.
  • Bangkok City – Not too far from Chonburi is Bangkok. Thailand’s capital city is a mega-metropolis of some 10,000,000 people were ancient Thai fishing villages and an ancient canal network, now sit alongside one of the biggest and most impressive cityscapes on earth. Bangkok is about an hour by car from Chonburi city itself, and 90 minutes from Pattaya.

Living in Chonburi offers residents one of the best locations in Thailand. Close to the beach at all times and not too far from mountains, jungles, topical islands and of course Bangkok city!

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