How to Avoid Common Moving Blunders

Many people put off changing homes even though it no longer suits their lifestyle simply because the thought of moving feels overwhelming. However, if it is well thought out and planned, relocating to a new house can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavour. There are steps you can take to make the process much easier and less time consuming and doing some research before you begin can aid you in this.

Moves are often done without a lot of planning beforehand and this often leads to mistakes you do not want to make. Involving professionals usually helps and in the Kootenays, Nelson movers can give you some great advice on having a successful and error-free move. If you are organized, proactive and educated on the process of moving it is less likely you will make any serious blunders. Just keep these common ones in mind and try not to make them.

  1. Skipping the Budget

Moving can be a sizeable expense so it is important to have a budget going into it. If you do not spend time adding up costs you may find yourself unpleasantly surprised at the end. Creating a budget helps you to not overspend and also keeps track of what is being spent. Having a moving file is a good idea. Even if you are relocating for work with most of it covered there are some out of pocket expenses you still need to consider like fuel.

  1. Not Researching Movers

Though most moving companies will provide you with a good service some are more reputable and professional than others so if you do not research the companies you are thinking of using you may end up with major headaches on the day of the move. From showing up late to damaging property to adding unexpected charges some companies are not who you want to be dealing with. Finding a good company can make your life so much easier.

  1. Using Random Sized Boxes 

While it may sound like a great idea to cut costs up front going in search of already used free boxes it can mean a difficult truck to pack on the big day. When you purchase boxes with more uniform size and structure they are easier to stack and they therefore take up less room in the moving van. Using a wide variety of shapes and sizes might actually mean you spend more in the long run because of time and space constraints.

  1. Making Boxes Too Heavy

It might be tempting to get fewer boxes so there are less to move. Also, if you get bigger ones you can spend less time searching for them or you can cut costs if purchasing from a moving company. The problem with this however is that they become overpacked and heavy making them uncomfortable and awkward to shift around or carry. Using smaller boxes and containers ensures less back-breaking work for you and the people moving them.

  1. Not Allocating Enough Time

It is common for moving day to be a stressful time spent running around trying to finish up all the last minute things. This is because people often do not put enough time aside to organize believing they will get more done than they actually do. It is important to have a schedule in place leading up to the move so you are sure you are on track as the days race by. Check things off the list as you complete them and look at it daily to ensure you are staying on track.

  1. Having Unlabelled Boxes

Moving is much easier on the other end if boxes and containers full of packed personal items can be put into the room they belong to right off of the moving truck. If you have not taken the time to label them clearly and properly it is very difficult to find anything when your new home is full of stacked boxes and other containers. Unpacking also takes much longer as you’ll have no clue where to start unpacking.

  1. Forgetting About Cleaning

It’s important to realize that cleaning the place you are vacating takes a considerable amount of time and effort. If you do not factor this into your moving schedule you might find yourself still running around cleaning while the new owners or tenants are trying to move in around you. Makes sure to set aside the time you need for cleaning or hire professionals to come in after you have gone to give it a once over.


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