Four Reasons Why You Should Not Skip Taking a Shower

Even though people usually take only ten to thirty minutes to shower, people still choose to skip a shower to engage in activities of a higher priority to them. These activities may be in the form of corporate work, travelling, or just any other activities they use as an alibi to justify their skipping. If you are one of those people who tend to skip showers, you might want to stop this bad habit as it harms your body. By skipping, you are not allowing your body to rejuvenate from tiring work and exposure from the dirt found almost everywhere. To convince you further, you can check out the following health benefits that you can get when you shower.

Increases alertness

The cold water used in showers has been found by scientists to increase alertness. Our bodies are naturally warm, so when we expose them to cold water, they tend to get shocked and this increases our overall oxygen intake. This condition increases the heart rate, which then gives us energy throughout the day. With this body reaction, it is not surprising that offices now include shower pods in their lounges for workers to enjoy, making them more productive at work and alert each day.

Reduces muscle tension

Warm water, on the one hand, helps reduce stress on the overstretched muscles of our body. This temperature assists in the healing of sore muscles by allowing blood to flow rapidly, hence eliminating unwanted substances in the veins that make the muscles sore. Warm water in showers also improves the flexibility of muscles, mainly when you include exercise in the process of taking a shower. You can exercise by doing stretches and even squats inside a shower pod.

Strengthens the immune system

Taking cold showers regularly can stimulate vascular and lymph systems to increase the production of immune cells that we need to fight infections. Using soaps and other disinfectants when taking a shower also eliminates harmful bacteria from our skin that can make us more prone to infectious and immune diseases. Scrubbing our dead skin cells using loofahs can assist in this removal of damaging bacteria. Hot water, on the other hand, can kill bacteria immediately when used on the skin.

Improves the function of the lungs

Coldwater, when used in showers, forces an automatic reflex from the lungs. You can notice when you take a cold shower, that you tend to breathe deeply and follow it by a quick pause. You also hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then exhale deeply. This movement of our lungs resets the breathing pattern that we have and increases the uptake of oxygen. Blood circulation becomes better in the veins of the lungs, making our lungs healthier.

Taking a shower is an essential routine you should follow. Apart from the soothing feeling it gives, it also provides us with health benefits that can help us live longer and better.


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