Features of a Ducted Air Conditioner

A ducted air conditioner is a large climate control system. It has it’s internal unit installed outside of a home with a series of ducts that run from the unit into a home, providing cool air either through openings in the ceiling or the floor. Some of the features of this system are listed below:

Designed for Multiple Room Homes

Ducted air conditioning units are built specifically to suit larger homes as the ducted system allows for all areas of the house to be efficiently cooled. The installation of this system is also practically unnoticeable, making it more practical in comparison to having to purchase a host of individual split system units.

Quiet Operation

One disadvantage with some air conditioning alternatives is having to deal with a large amount of noise when they are in operation. However, with a ducted air conditioner this is not the case as the compressor system (which can usually cause the unwanted noise) is installed well outside the home. This means that hums and other possible noises are kept away from the residents, which can be especially important at night when individuals are trying to sleep.

Unobtrusive System

One interesting feature of ducted air conditioning unit is how subtly the air conditioning ducts can be blended into the home, without clashing with the décor. Many homeowners who believe in minimalism choose to buy ducted air conditioners specifically to avoid the eyesore of having bulky ac units on the walls of their homes. However, it is important to note that with the original installation a lot of ducts will need to be installed in the ceiling (or floor), which can be quite intrusive for homeowners.

Zone Control

As mentioned previously, ducted air conditioners are designed to be able to cool multiple rooms within a home with great ease. However, many of the newer systems also allow for individual temperature and flow control to specific rooms, allowing for isolated rooms to be cooled without affecting the rest of the house. For instance, if you spend a lot of time in the living room, the bedroom zone can be turned off. This means that power is not wasted, allowing for a more energy efficient system.

Disadvantages of the Ducted Air Conditioner

While ducted air conditioners are perfect for large homes and come with significant advantages, they do have their drawbacks:

Higher Purchase and Installation

On average, it will cost more to buy a ducted air conditioners both in terms of the system purchase as well as the overall air conditioning installation cost. This is mainly due to the complexity behind the system, which requires more labour work.

Increased operating costs

A ducted air conditioning can also incur high operating costs. This is because the energy usage of a ducted system is much higher than that of other alternative systems, such as a split system. Finally, the cost of maintenance of a ducted air conditioner is also usually higher due to the complexity of the system, meaning that professional checkups are more frequently required.

Ducted air conditioners are perfect for large homes, and offer quiet, controllable and unobtrusive comfort. Although they may come at an added cost, their features make them well worth the extra cash.

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