8 Reason Families are Moving to Vernon, British Columbia

As many families have already discovered, Vernon is a great place to live and to raise a family. Located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, it is a smaller city with a population of around 30,000 and is surrounded by lakes, forests and an abundance of outdoor pursuits. Whether you want to spend the days boating, skiing, biking, hiking or simply enjoying family time in your backyard, it is a great place to be.

With affordability in many of the bigger cities being sky-high Vernon is a nice spot to get away from it all and put down some roots for you and your family. It boasts a large number of amenities such as a hospital, college, a nearby ski hill and several art galleries. There are also many sporting opportunities and great schools the children can attend. If you are considering a move to Vernon BC here are a few reasons to do it.

  1. Access to the Outdoors

If your family loves the outdoors and living an active lifestyle is important to you, considering a move to Vernon could be the ideal choice for you. With many beautiful lakes, camping sites, a world-class ski hill and a multitude of hiking and biking opportunities this city does not disappoint. Come and check it out and expect to have fun.

  1. Great Weather

There is a reason Vernon is a summer destination for both Canadian and international travellers. With a hot dry climate you can expect to enjoy most of your summer with blue sunny skies and just a handful of rainy days. Go to the lake or barbecue in your backyard in the hotter months and if you love to ski you can be happy about the fact that it gets snow as you can head up to Silver Star Mountain Resort and strap on your skies.

  1. A Diverse Art Scene

The Okanagan Valley has a vibrant and active art scene and if you like taking in the arts or being a part of an arts community you can find an abundance of opportunities. There is the Vernon Art Gallery as well as many great smaller venues where you can check out local artists and get involved. Many of the city’s restaurants also support the arts community so it is understandable why the community is thriving in this area.

  1. Amenities

As far as services go Vernon has pretty much anything you need such as a good hospital, libraries, a college campus, swimming pool and even a local shopping mall. Also, if you love golfing there are a number of great courses to choose from. There are also many sporting and arts options for children to partake in so if introducing them to activities is important you are in luck.

  1. A Welcoming Community Feel

As Vernon is a city on the smaller side there is less hustle and bustle. The city moves at a slower pace and the friendly welcoming community reflects this. If you want to raise your children where neighbours know one another and your kids can meet their school friends at a local park this is a city you might want to seriously consider.

  1. The Lakes

I could not do a list without mentioning the lakes surrounding Vernon. Swan Lake, Kalamalka Lake and Okanagan Lake are not only pretty and clean they are also great places to spend your summer days. Whether you like to swim, water ski, kayak or head out on your stand up paddleboard, having a few picturesque lakes to choose from is always a bonus.

  1. Real Estate

If finding a suitable hometown where you can raise your children is important you will be happy to find that Vernon prices are a lot lower than most other cities in British Columbia. Even compared to the neighbouring city of Kelowna you will get a much bigger bang for your buck in this smaller city. There are a multitude of family-friendly neighbourhoods with good schools close by.

  1. Lifestyle

When city life starts to feel a bit much, with you running your children through traffic-filled streets to various sporting or arts venues, you may find Vernon to be a nice alternative. The city is a good size and it offers residents a slower-paced lifestyle along with everything you would find in a bigger city. With the great outdoors close by it really is the best of both worlds for those wanting access to country living while enjoying city amenities.

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